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To promote patient safety

by providing leadership

and innovation in

VTE prevention.

Mission Statement

Main Objectives:

To work in conjunction with the Department of Health, the RCN, Thrombosis UK and the VTE nursing and midwifery leads from the Exemplar Centres:

  • to raise awareness of the problem of VTE nationally among the public, patients and clinicians.
  • to promote strategies to assist with the implementation of VTE risk assessment and thromboprophylaxis in all hospitalised patients.
  • to advocate and disseminate evidence-based practice in VTE prevention, in line with NICE guideline 89 (2018), VTE prevention in all hospitalised patients.
  • to share practical guidance on audit to meet with NICE (2010) VTE Quality Standards.
  • to provide a resource for multi-centre nursing research to be conducted.
  • to provide a resource for nurses and midwives questions to be answered relating to VTE prevention.

The VTE NNMN was founded as a subgroup of the Exemplar Centre Network by Lynda Bonner OBE in 2010. Lynda gained support from Dr David Foster, the Head of the Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Policy Unit at the Department of Health, who agreed to support and sponsor the network.

The network established work streams aligned to the National VTE Prevention Programme and began working together on education, audit, communications, clinical practice and midwifery. The network has grown in numbers, strength and productivity and continues to meet biannually in the spring and autumn at NHS Improvement.


All nurses, midwives and allied health professionals involved in VTE prevention from Exemplar Centres are invited to join the VTE National Nursing and Midwifery Network (NNMN).

The VTE NNMN is a very active network supported by Dr Jacqueline McKenna MBE, Director of Nursing Leadership at NHS Improvement. Members are in regular contact with each other, discussing clinical queries and sharing resources. The network meets biannually and holds annual learning events.


The VTE NNMN is a very active network with frequent interaction amongst its members. One of the network’s most important functions is supporting clinicians by distributing clinical queries amongst its members to facilitate sharing of information and learning from practice.

The Network hosts annual learning events to which health care professionals across all care sectors are invited. Talks by leaders in the field of thrombosis and coagulation are delivered with the aim of updating knowledge and empowering health care professionals to make positive changes in their organisation to improve the quality of VTE and anticoagulation practice. The events are always very well evaluated with over 95% rating the 2018 event as good or excellent.

Many members are leaders in their local regions, some of whom host their own study days and local networks, as well as providing leadership to neighbouring trusts wishing to become exemplar centres.

Members have a significant national and international presence in the field by way of journal publications and conference presentations.


The Network has achieved many successes including:

  • Worked with the Department of Health to improve awareness of VTE in the care sector
  • Input into VTE e learning for health modules
  • Responding to National guideline consultations
  • Input into creation of the National VTE patient information leaflet
  • Providing a supportive platform for clinicians to share their work