Raising VTE Awareness at the Spire Alexandra Hospital, Kent.

Our pro-active and innovative VTE committee members work hard to ensure all VTE related matters are both taken seriously and communicated well to our patients, relatives, staff and visitors.

One of our highlights every year is our efforts to promote National Thrombosis week, held in May each year, where we engage in practical, (read fun!) ways to raise both awareness of the risks and dangers of VTE, as well as raising funds which we donate to Thrombosis UK.

We have become a victim of our own success in that our Thrombosis Week activities are eagerly awaited by the hospital staff as we seek to do ‘bigger & better’ every year. The activities all seek to promote mobility, hydration and deep breathing.

Over the past 3 years our events have included a “12 Hour Continuous Exercise Marathon”. We set up a treadmill, exercise bike and Step in main reception. Hospital wide staff signed up to 5 or 10 minute ‘slots’ to keep the exercises going for 12 hours. We hung ‘Thrombosis Week’ bunting, displayed posters, and had VTE Information available for all to see, with staff on hand to talk to visitors and patients coming through reception.  There was the inevitable Cake stall too!  (See photo)

The following year we moved out into the hospital car park, where we set up a series of ‘Challenges’ all of which promoted the mobility & Hydration message. We organized games such as ‘Splat the Clot’, (ping pong balls dyed red!) Racing Snails, (wind up snails with shells painted red!) and who could drink 500ml water in the fastest time.

This year we once again held our venture in the car park, but progressed to members of our Senior Management Team going into the ‘stocks’, enabling staff to throw wet sponges at them and a guest appearance by the nicest Thrombus ever! Hellen, a physiotherapist, gamely donned the clot costume and paraded round all day, initiating many useful conversations. (See photo)

We are grateful to our HD, Chloe Senneck, who kindly supports such extreme activities on hospital premises!